Is it really almost Memorial Day?

Holy cow people! We are nearly at the end of May! As The English Beat said in an album or The Beat if you’re a UK reader — Wha’ppen?

You might not know it’s May by this strange weather here in Los Angeles. Jacket on, jacket off. Blue skies, gray skies. It’s pretty gloomy out right now but no rain so as soon as this blog is done, it’s time to TRX it outdoors. For some old skool inspired soundtrack, it will be Queen Latifah’s first album— can you tell I like Amazon, my friends? Yes Prime has me by the you know whatskys and does it really matter that they keep raising the fee each year? Once you’re hooked on that 2 day shipping, I tell you.

On the tube we are still in RuPaul’s Drag Race season and I am currently watching Barry on HBO — such a crush on that cute nerd Bill Hader.

Upcoming travel includes Kauai, Denver and Nashville — work and play!

For the client stuff you know to follow me on Twitterand for the fun stuff unlike you like cats it’s Facebook. Not on Instagram too much.

Be well and don’t forget to stretch and roll!