Mid April update

Okay, no one’s perfect.  I realized it’s been 2 weeks since my last blog post and my intention is to say hello to you on a weekly basis.  #YesICan

Things are buzzing along here at HW headquarters, keeping busy with my projects and collaborations with Cary Baker and Conqueroo.  Make sure to check out Rolling Stone Country dubbed “fire breather” and force of nature Tami Neilson — this Canadian who lives in New Zealand is definitely one to watch.  Check out the video for the new single “Stay Outta My Business” from her forthcoming SASSAFRASS! album (June 1 release) here.

You should also check out the video from outstanding and genre defying Chicago band The Claudettes for “Don’t Stay With Me” here and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch them live in the near future — I’ll be waiting for a bit.   — No Depression said “The B-movies of the music world””maybe not understood now, but in the future, the kings and queens of the universe!”

Just for fun, here are some web retailers of whom I’m fond that you might not be as familiar with –

Vitacost is fantastic for those health foodie type items you’d get at Whole Foods or Sprouts.   The prices are competitive and the shipping is lightning fast, not unlike Amazon — check them out here.

I spotted some super cute wellies (that’s rainboots for you non Brit types) when I was in Charleston and headed over to Joules and got myself a pair.  I got these ones and I’m sure you’ll find some you like.  Super fast delivery and free shipping! Mind you, I may have to wait months and months til I can actually wear them, living in drought ridden So Cal.  We did have a little bit of good rain but the boots arrived after.  My very weedy back garden is the evidence of this rain.  Sometimes it does seem like a dream.

Looking forward to some Hawaii time in the nearish future – if you want that Islands flavor you can always visit the ABC Stores online  — my top picks are the North Shore Goodies Nut Butters or the Island Soap and Candleworks lip balms.

Now to be super current, run, don’t walk over to score yourself this amazing Lululemon tote which your pal Wendy paid full price for but is now on sale!

See you soon and remember the three most important things in life:  Be Kind.  Be Kind.  Be Kind.