March 29 Friday Fun Things

Hello dear ones.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun like gum surgery, traveling, getting TMJ bite plates.   Oh well there was something fun there in the middle.  I shall endeavor to bring back Friday Fun Things for my enjoyment and hopefully yours.

Let’s start with the fun stuff, shall we?  One word.  Sedona.  Wow this is a breathtakingly beautiful place.  I love the ocean and you know Hawaii is my dream home so I was a bit surprised by how enamored I became of these gorgeous red rocks and peaceful vibes.  Yes, a bit new age-y hippy crystal but hey — I’m a bit of that once in a while.  See for yourself with some of these pictures…

Shout out to Namti Spa — visited the Tortilla Road one as there are two locations and had a great massage.  Got some groovy stones at Crystal Magic, a really lovely store.  I would have stayed for hours but my friends wouldn’t tolerate that.  Hikes for all levels, tasty Mexican food and just good times.  Nearby ghost town Jerome was a fun day visit — it was alive with commerce and nice shopkeepers.

I had a nice time catching up with a colleague and friend from my record label days, Paul Orescan with Make Good Marketing.  He’s doing great stuff for artists via digital rights management and marketing.  Check out Paul’s info here.

Are you drinking enough water?  I bet you would if you had beautiful insulated bottles like these.  The white one is from S’well and the blue one is from Tommy Bahama.

If you like Indian food and are considering getting an Instant Pot, please do it.  Make sure to buy this incredible recipe book as well.  Honest to God, the aloo gobi recipe in there (cauliflower and potato) – I prefer their version I now make over nearly any restaurant I have been to.  But just to be random, here’s a photo of the also very delicious butter chicken dish — well, because I don’t have a snap handy of the aloo gobi.  Kohls always has sales on Instant Pot so go for it!

Well I better get hopping — I think I have a taped episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race to watch.  Time flies when you’re eating soft food.  Yeah, be glad I didn’t post any photos of the gums.

Until next time, brush lightly and enjoy life!